• **NOTE:  Before you print you must either:

    1) Highlight what you want on the webpage, go to “File” and “Print,” click the circle next to “Selection,” then “Print.”  OR

    2)  Copy and paste to a Word document (to find “Word,” go to “Start” and choose “Programs.”  “MS Office” is where “Word” can be found.)   Once you have the information copied and pasted to the Word Document, you can change the size of the font to a smaller size (On the Word Document go to "Edit" then "Select All."  Click the arrow next to the font size number at the top and change the number to 10 or 8 if you can read text that small.)  OR

    3) If you are in a database (Gale, EBSCO, Salem History, etc.) use the "printer friendly" icon and you don't have to copy and paste.


    Websites for Generating Topic Ideas and for Research:

    Points of View Resource Center from EBSCO (Database):

    Student Resources in Context from Gale (Database):

    Gale Discovering Collection (Database):

    ipl2 (Internet Public Library):



    Databases & Reliable Websites for Further Research:

    **(Note:  If you use a purchased database, the citation will be provided for you.  If not, you have to figure out the citation yourself)

    On Como's Reliable Online Resources webpage located at http://comosr.spps.org/ror.html, you will find reliable sites organized by reference info and newspaper/periodical info. Databases and reliable websites are included.  Just open the PDF on this webpage to access the many links. 

    Of the sites on the Reliable Online Resources webpage, it's best to use the links under these headings for currentinformation:

    • Newspapers and Magazines
    • Combination of Books, Newspapers & Magazines

    Remember to select the box "Full text" or "Full text documents only" in any of the magazine or newspaper databases if you have the option.

    EBSCOHost Web has many good examples of periodicals & books combined in a database:

    If you need background information, the best sites are under:

    • Encyclopedias and Reference Books

    Britannica Online Encyclopaedia is a good example of a reference & encyclopedia database:



    MLA Citation Guideline Sheets:





    How to do a “Smart Search” on the Internet