School Social Workers

  • School Social Workers in St. Paul Public Schools provide services and supports in the areas of social/emotional learning, mental health, and trauma-informed practices. Social work services are available for special and general education students. Social work services are provided in individual, small group and classroom-based settings.  These services include:

    • Social, emotional and behavioral support for students
    • Assessment of student strengths & needs through observation, interviews & testing
    • Resource information & referral for families
    • Collaboration with school staff to develop & implement classroom-based interventions
    • Consultation with community agencies & other professionals

    If you or your student have questions or are looking for supports in these areas, please contact one of Como High School's school social workers.

    Gail Grogan
    Provides crisis intervention, access to resources, and support for school attendance for all students.
    Phone: 651-744-6740

    Sara Lovat
    Works with students who receive Special Education Services. 
    Phone: 651-793-7334

    Christy McCoy
    Works with students who receive Special Education Services and students in the general education setting.
    Phone: 651-744-7983

    Lynda Taylor
    Works with students who receive Special Education Services.
    Phone: 651-744-5230