School Social Workers

  • Como Park Senior High School's Licensed School Social Workers aim to help students progress socially, emotionally, and academically. Here is how they spend most of their time:

    • Providing one on one, group, and family social work services.
    • Consulting with parents, teachers, and administrators to develop intervention strategies to enhance school success.
    • Assisting in resolving truancy concerns.
    • Serving students in Special Education.
    • Identifying, mobilizing, and coordinating family, school, and community resources to enable students to receive maximum benefits from their educational program.
    • Facilitating problem-solving meetings between different groups of people: school, parents, students, athletes, etc.
    • Providing crisis intervention for students, parents, and staff.
    • Providing consultation to school personnel regarding home, neighborhood, and community conditions affecting student well being.
    • Consulting and collaborating with community agencies and other mental health professionals to coordinate services.
    • Participating in multi-disciplinary teams (i.e.; SAT, child study, PPC).
    • Other duties as assigned (GSA, testing, hall/cafeteria duty, etc.).