The Five Essential Elements

  • To achieve a balance in learning, the Primary Years Programme emphasizes five parts of the written curriculum which are called the Essential Elements of the curriculum.

    These five elements are:

    1. Concepts
    2. Knowledge
    3. Skills 
    4. Attitudes
    5. Action

    The Programme of Inquiry:

    Who We Are
    An exploration of the nature ofthe self; of our beliefs and values; of personal, physical, mental,social and spiritual health; of our families, friends, communities andcultures; of our rights and responsibilities; of what it means to behuman.

    Where We Are In Time and Place
    An exploration ofour orientation in place and time; of our personal histories; ofhistory and geography from local and global perspectives; of our homesand journeys; of the discoveries, explorations and migrations ofhumankind; of the contributions of individuals and civilizations.

    How We Express Ourselves
    Anexploration of the ways in which we discover and express our nature,ideas, feelings, beliefs and values through language and the arts.

    How the World Works
    An exploration of the physical and material world; of natural and human-made phenomena; of the world of science and technology.

    How We Organize Ourselves
    Anexploration of human systems and communities; of the world of work, itsnature and its value; of employment and unemployment and their impact.

    How We Share the Planet
    Anexploration of our rights and responsibilities as we try to sharefinite resources with other people, with other living things; ofcommunities and of the relationships within and between them.