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What's My Bus Route?

  • If you have questions about your bus route number:
          ■ GAP Upper: 651-293-8690
          ■ GAP Lower: 651-293-6606
          ■ Transportation: 651-696-9600

  • School websites automatically refresh with the latest updates every three minutes. All school bus routes are identified by the school name and a letter, such as “Central A.” Most school buses also have the route letter displayed in a side window of the bus.

    Please Note:

    • School bus information is updated online and through the MySPPS Bus app each time a bus company reports late buses to the SPPS Department of Transportation. This is not a GPS tracking system and updated information for each bus route may lag.
    • MySPPS Bus is only meant to communicate a bus delay at the time it was posted. Buses can sometimes make up time later in the routes. Families should still plan to be at the bus stop at the designated time in case the bus shows up on time.
    • SPPS cannot provide technical support for the app or online service.
    • Currently, the MySPPS Bus is only available in English.