LMAP Middle School Summer Reading Program

  • Thursday, June 12, 2014 2:35 PM


    Dates: Starting June 16th- Friday, August 15th
    To continue to grow your reading stamina and strength
    To support your discovery, exploration and discussion of fantastic books
    How it works?
    Students will participate in either face-to-face meet-ups with Ms. McCammon and your peers OR engage in online group meet-ups with the same community
    When and Where?
    Week of June 16th - Orientation
    Week of June 23rd- West 7 th Libraryand Online
    Week of June 30 th Rondo Library
    Week of July 7th St. Paul Central Library
    Week of July 14th Merriam Park Library
    Week of July 21st West 7th Library
    Week of July 28 th Rondo Library
    Week of August 4th St. Paul Central Library
    Week of August 11 th Merriam Park Library
    Online meet-ups to occur Sunday evenings and Wednesday mornings each week.
    Attend at least 3 summer meetings and read a minimum of 3 Just Right Books and receive a $25 Back to School Gift Card.  The top 3readers of the summer will receive a new Kindle!
    To sign up, contact Ms. McCammon at rebecca.mccammon@spps.org or@MsMcCammon on Twitter or look at swagg7.blogspot.com for updates and information!

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