Enrichment for Grade Two

  • 2nd Grade

    Core Academic Subjects
    Standards based Math
    Reader’s Workshop
    Writer’s Workshop
    Individualized Skill work
    Book Clubs/Literature Circles
    Flexible grouping
    Higher order thinking skills
    Multiple modes of learning (Readiness, Interest, Learning Style)
    On-going Formative Assessments
    Small group instruction
    Student reflection/debriefing
    Student written and/or understanding of Standards
    Teacher knowledge of identified students
    Technology literacy full scope and sequence of activities
    Technology available for individual use

    Enrichment Activities
    Artist in Residence - see other link on our web page for information
    Celebration of Talent - each year all students are invited to share their talent with others. 
    •    All students who love visual art submit their personal best work for display in the halls.  This can include art class work, art residency works, homemade works in any medium or any size
    •    All students who love performing arts audition and perform in a spring Talent Show that we hold at Murray Junior High. 

    Ordway Theater each year

    U of M Physics Force Field Trip
    Walking field trips to Public Library monthly
    Cross-grade mentoring and activities
    Family/School Reading Celebrations
    Family Science Night -a very strong program that sponsors Family Science Nights for grades 1-3 students during the year 
    Leveled reading materials for reading groups- all year
    Minneapolis Fire Department visit
    Officer Friendly- a safety program with the St. Paul police
    Visual Arts class weekly
    Running Club
    Track and Field Day

    Academic Rigor Definition:
    Every licensed professional at SAP sets the highest academic expectations for every student.
    Academic Rigor:
    •    sets the high expectations for each child squarely in each individual classroom, and with every professional in the building
    •    uses data to know each student with precision towards high student achievement
    •    is a Principle of Learning and part of the Project for Academic Excellence staff development
    •    is integrated among subjects
    •    looks at the whole child, learning styles
    •    helps define the extra enriched fieldtrips or activities and projects each room selects to use
    •    assesses the need for student acceleration in subjects
    •    high expectations and accompanying actions are fluid and can change yearly
    •    helps give students tools to find information, evaluate that information, and to use it

    Enrichment Definition:
    Those subjects and activities that go beyond or add a further dimension to make core curriculum stronger for all students as part of our focus on the whole child.
    Enrichment Activities:
    •    planned enhancement to any curriculum or theme
    •    integrated to have meaning for what is being taught
    •    acceleration activities for students who can move beyond the core curriculum 
    •    can happen for the whole group or flexible groups
    •    considers the depth or breadth of a subject
    •    address multiple learning styles
    •    is supported, in part, by SAPSA funding and grants
    •    activities that meet kids where they are and move them higher in some dimension
    •    enrichment activities relate to best practices within the classroom