Trips Outside Our Building on Hold This Year

  • Following are instances of the field trips we attended during the 2019-2020 school year.


    The Ordway:

    We have a fantastic opportunity to attend two multicultural performances at the Ordway Theater in downtown St. Paul. This year we'll see The Okee Dokee Brothers in October and HerBeat Taiko Women Allstars in February.

    Public Library:

    We take walking field trips every month to the St. Anthony Park Branch of St. Paul Public Library just up the street. The staff shares good books with us, and each child has a chance to check out books as long as their library account is in good standing. The library does not impose fines, so it is fine to wait until we go the next time to return books, otherwise you are free to visit and return on your own.

    Physics Force:

    The physics department at the U of M plus other scientists and teachers who love physics put on a number of family friendly shows each winter,  highlighting the Fun of Physics and how learning about our world can be a blast - literally!

    Como Zoo:

    2nd graders participate in a shared science/literacy unit centered on the topic of Plants.  Capstone is a day at the Como Zoo, with a hands-on class taught by Como Zoo education staff, and then an opportunity to explore the zoo in small groups.

    The Bell Museum:

    Each grade in St. Paul participates in a STEM field trip specific to grade level standards. We are lucky enough to go to the new Bell Museum for lessons and experiences on bees and pollinators. This coordinates with the pollination unit taught with Mr. Schrankler.

    St. Paul Saints Baseball:

    As a special reading award, the 2nd grade goes to cheer the Saints on at their annual Education Day in May. It's a home run!


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