Who is the principal?

Principal Johnson
  • The Saint Anthony Park Elementary School community is excited to be under the leadership of principal, Ann Eaton Johnson.  Ann grew up in St. Paul, attended St. Paul Public Schools, and has worked for St. Paul Schools for 29 years.  She spent her first two decades as a kindergarten teacher before moving into administration.  Ann comes to SAP Elementary from her position as assistant principal at Expo Elementary School.  The following was excerpted from a column in the October 2008 SAPSA newsletter, written by parent Misty Havens.

    Ann is excited to be at a neighborhood school and excited to become a part of the SAP community.  She was happy to see children excited to learn on the first day and teachers that were eager to teach.

    When thinking back on her own school days, Ann acknowledges that it was more about fact memorization and creating your own source of information by memorizing as much as you could.  She compares those experiences with those of the children at SAP who are living in a fast changing world.  Whereas her learning was focused on facts, she sees resourcefulness, critical thinking and problem-solving as core elements of learning and essential to ensure a child’s success in this new world.

    To learn more about Ann, visit her Principal’s Page on the homepage.

    To contact Ann directly, call 651-293-8735 or email her at ann.johnson@spps.org

    Other ways to connect with Ann include;
    -Chatting with her during arrival or dismissal
    -Private meetings are always available by appointment

    Ann Eaton Johnson is one of the first people you will meet when visiting the school. You will see that she sets a warm and welcoming tone for children and families.