How safe is the school?

Children crossing street
  • Our school is located in Saint Anthony Park, a St. Paul neighborhood well known for its small town feel in the middle of the city.  The school thrives in great part because of the safe and strong community surrounding it.

    Our staff have worked hard to develop consistent positive behavior expectations for all students.  They are taught, re-taught, and reinforced regularly.  If students struggle with behavior, we find ways to teach them and support them in acquiring new skills.

    Our school counselor, Beth Davies, teaches lessons in every class about how to stop bullying, how to build positive relationships, how to be safe in school and out in the community, and many other things that strengthen our learning environment.  When students, misbehave, Principal Karen Duke collaborates with teachers and parents to assign appropriate consequences, apologize to those that have been harmed, and prepare students to make better choices in the future.  

    Our physical facility was updated in 2018 and reflects best practices in the field of school security, including controlled entrances exterior and hallway security cameras, and the ability to lock down the building if needed.  Research shows, however, that the safest schools are those where people know each other, greet newcomers in a friendly way, and, most importantly, are in tune with the social and emotional needs of students and families.  Saint Paul Schools’ District Data Center supports our claim that Saint Anthony Park Elementary is one of the safest schools anywhere. The result is that children can focus on learning and building healthy and nurturing relationships.