Fifth Grade Social Studies

500 Nations: The Story of Indian Americans

American Indian Research Project

  • This project will take until November 21. I will attach the Rubric when the students and I have determined what the final copy should look like. This web site should help the students develop their projects and give them ideas and help them with strategies. At this time the project may be extended until the winter break. Students are having a difficult time remembering what their responsibilities are to their groups and what they need to get done for their groups. I have attached the rubric the fifth grade helped me put together.

    Grade 5 American Indian Research project

    Accuracy of the facts

    0 – did not participate

    1 – have some facts, but most are inaccurate

    2 – have acceptable facts

    3 – proficient facts

    4 – all facts accurate and correct

    Aesthetics of the project

    0 - did not participate

    1 – only 1, 2 paragraphs of written facts

    2 – one hand written page

    3 – one page typed paper

    4 – two or more pages typed

    Organization/ Neatness

    0 – did not participate

    1 – sloppy handwritten papers

    2 – jumps around a lot with the facts not cohesive

    3 – fairly organized, typed paper with readable font

    4 – organized, typed paper, and paper is not torn or ripped

    Punctuation and spelling

    0 – did not participate

    1 – major spelling errors and limited punctuation

    2 – some spelling errors and most punctuation is correct

    3 – few spelling errors and punctuation is correct

    4 – no spelling errors and punctuation is correct


    0 – did not participate

    1 – only the facts and details are presented

    2 – facts, details, and labels

    3 – model or drawing

    4 – using color in the models and providing extensive details


    0 – did not present

    1 – shows no rehearsal or practice. Stumbling, repeating, ummms

    2 – shows practice, knows subject, and has few ummms

    3 – no ummms, clearly presented and practiced

    4 – more than one teammate presenting, clear facts, and no ummms

    Extra credit – artifacts, pictures, maps, origin stories,

    invite American Indians, food, wear traditional celebration clothing,

    power point, music 

    Choices for presentation:

    1.      Minimum of two pages typed

    2.      Power point

    3.      Science board

    4.      Tag Board

    5.      Poster

    6.      Pictures, models, or maps

    7.      Video

    8.      Music

    9.      Artifacts

    10.    Interviews

    11.    Interactive project

    Timeline of project:

    October 30, 2014 choose Cultural Regions and tribes

    November 7, 2014 designate jobs for the group

    November 14, 2014 rough draft of final project

    November 21, 2014 be ready for presentation

    Possibly longer if they need more time for completion. This could take until December 17, 2014.