St. Anthony Park Grade 5-6 Concert 2013

  • Peace Like A River   --  This is an African American Spiritual.
    Bonse Aba   --  Translation: "All who sing have the right to be called children of God."
    Don't Laugh At Me   --  This is a song about bullying and was made famous by Peter, Paul, and Mary as well as country singer Mark Wills. 
    Heal This World   --  I composed this piece five years ago.
    Mastom, Mastom   --  Translation: “A beautiful flower has bloomed. I can’t reach it, and it does not drop by itself. I am inebriated by love, but the sharpness of it has cut my thumb! Let’s go to Ghebli Kooti and spread a Persian carpet to have a picnic. We’ll use china teapots that are red and white. Then let’s go to Shahe Cheragh (a famous mosque) and pledge ourselves to each other. But if either of us plans to break the commitment, then it’s better we do not “tie the knot.” 
    Jamaica Farewell   --  This is a song made famous by Harry Belafonte.
    E Oru O   --  This song honors the arrival and presence of a king to an Nigerian village. The king is hailed as one who is so powerful that he cannot be defeated. At the end of the song, all bow before the king’s presence. There is no word for word translation to English because some of the words don’t translate alone. These can only be translated as phrases: "Your royalty (seen in the beads you wear), O King, show it to those who love you. Your royalty, no man (the enemy) will take it from you."