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Ms. Miranda

Welcome to Riverview’s dual immersion pre-k web page.  My name is Ana Miranda.  I have been teaching in St Paul Schools since 1997.  What does a dual immersion pre-k class look like?  Read on and find out.

Children learn all about the routines and rules of school. They improve their social skills, make friends and learn how to solve problems.

They learn early literacy skills of letter names, letter sounds, concepts of print, writing and beginning math skills so they are ready to SOAR in kindergarten. They do this through songs, learning games, stories and active exploration of carefully designed learning centers. They do all this while learning Spanish, too! The children are immersed in the Spanish language for ninety percent of their day, with ten percent taught in English. The Spanish-speaking children help their English-speaking friends learn Spanish while the English-speaking children help their Spanish-speaking friends learn English. That is why it is called dual immersion. It is a two-way exchange of language instruction and learning in a friendly atmosphere. Children learn, while having fun.

There are two sections of 20 children each: a morning class from 8:30 to 11 a.m., and an afternoon class from 12:30 to 3 p.m.

A typical schedule:

Ease into the day:  This consists of greeting the children as they arrive, teaching independent self-help skills of taking off coats, and hanging up backpacks, writing their names, and listening to stories.

Movement:  This is large motor skill development outside at the playground when the weather is nice or indoors through music when the weather is bad.

Learning Circle: They sing songs, participate in learning activities and listen to the story of the week.

Small Groups:  Depending on their learning needs children are divided into groups of 5-6 and practice pre reading and math skills.

Active Learning: The children have extended time to explore the different learning centers while teachers enter into their play to help them learn important vocabulary, concepts and skills.

Regroup to revisit:  We review lessons taught but this time in English.