Information on Instruments

  • In order to participate in the Instrumental Music Program at Murray Jr. High, each participant is required to have an instrument and the supplies or equipment needed in order for the instrument to play. The best method of obtaining an instrument is by contacting a local music retailer and checking out their inventory of new and used instruments. Most retailers offer both new and used instruments for purchase or rent. Most retailers offer competitive rates for rentals and many offer rent-to-own programs. Retailers may be found in the local yellow or white pages distributed by the local telephone company or on the internet.

    Other resourses may include family, friends and/or neighbor contacts. Check to see if someone you know may have an instrument in a basement, garage or attic that is no longer being used. Perhaps it can be checked to see if it could be used again by your student at Murray.

    Murray Jr. High has a limited number of instruments allocated for student use if needed. They are intended for use by students and families not able to secure an instrument by any other means. Supplies and equipment (i.e. clarinet and saxophone reeds, cork grease, neck straps, valve oil, snare drum sticks, rosin, shoulder rests. etc) needed to operate instruments are not included in any instrument rental agreement and are the responsibility of the student and family. Local music retailers will be able to help you with purchase of these items.

    A folding, portable music stand is also recommended but not required.