Science Fair at Murray

Science Fair
  • A Note From The Science Department

    All students who are in the Magnet Science program are required to develop and research a science fair paper and/or project.

    A few students, in the past, have used paid mentors to help them with this project. This year, in order that no student have an advantage, students who use paid mentors will not be allowed to participate in the Murray Science Fair. Their papers will be graded for class work and state standards. We encourage students to use every volunteer resource they have, but feel that students using paid resources have a significant advantage over those who do not have the ability to use such resources.

    If parents choose to use a paid resource and want their students to advance to region and state competition, they will have to enter their students and the coach in the region competition, pay their fees and be responsible for them. This will be true for the stated completion as well. Murray will continue to fund and sponsor those students who use volunteer mentors or have no mentoring.

    If you have questions, please contact Mr. Chase at 651-744-5246.

    Mr. Chase

    Science Fair Coordinator

Science Fair