Jason Schlukebier, IB DP Coordinator & TOK teacher

  • Jason Schlukebier, MSE
    IB DP Coordinator and TOK Teacher
    Highland Park High School
    Telephone 651.744.3816
    Fax 651.233.5685

    Let me tell you a little about myself!  This will be my 24 year in St. Paul Public Schools, I spent the first 10 years as a math teacher, the next 12 years as a cousnelor and now I embark on a my second year as the IB DP coordinator at Highland Park Senior High.  I love to spend time with family, traveling, playing and watching soccer!  

    I am really lookig forward to another great year at Highland.


    Theory of Knowledge Class

    TOK Syllabus




    Pictures from TOK IB Canoe Trip 2019:


     Rose lake

    sunrise bearsking