Academic Help

  • If you are having difficulty in a class the first thing to do is meet with your teacher.  Ask to set up a time before/after school when you can get some additional help.  Come prepared with questions and concerns!  Other tips for improving your grades;

    • At the beginning of each term make sure you know all of your teachers' policies, for example:  Where do you go for make-up work when you missed a day?  What is the late work policy?  Can you ask for extensions?  Is extra credit offered?  How are final grades determined?
    • Keep a separate folder and notebook for each class.  Keep everything!  Your folder should include the syllabus, assignment sheets, notes and returned homework.
    • Identify at least one student in each class you can call for questions/help.
    • Use your planner (or your own organizational system) for keeping track of deadlines. 
    • If your study habits are not getting you the grades you want, evaluate them.  Use what works, discard what doesn't!
    • Make connections in what you are learning - look for ways your science labs are connected to what you are studying in history, read the newspaper and look for connections between the themes in your literature assignments and current events... 

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