Graduation Requirements

  • These are the graduation requirements for all students in Saint Paul Public Schools.

    Subject Specific Requirements:

    • English: 4 years (16 credits)
    • Social Studies: 3.5 years (14 credits)
    • Science: 3 years, one year must be Biology, one year of either Chemistry or Physics (12 credits)
    • Mathematics: 3 years, must complete through Algebra 2/Trigonometry (12 credits)
    • Fine Arts: 1 year (4 credits)
    • Physical Education: .5 year (2 credits)
    • Health: .5 year (2 credits)
    • FACS/Tech: .5 year (2 credits)
    • Electives:  Any class above and beyond the minimum requirement, like a fourth year of science, counts as elective credits.  Students need to take as many elective credits that are needed to reach their total credit requirement (see below).
    • Total Credit Requirement:
      • Class of 2017 and beyond -  94 credits


    State Testing Requirements:

    Because of changes in state law, Saint Paul Public School students first enrolled in Grade 8 in 2012-2013 and Later must be provided the opportunity to participate in a district-provided college entrance exam in grade 11 or grade 12

    For more information on state mandated testing see the Minnesota Department of Education website.