Hall of Fame

  • 2017 Alumni Hall of Fame at Highland Park Senior High

    On Thursday, March 9, four distinguished alumni were inducted into the Highland Park Senior High Alumni Hall of Fame.  

    The year's inductees were:

    Steven Greenberg ('68) - In recognition of his brilliant music career as a producer, musician, and composer, exemplified by the timeless hit, ‘Funkytown’

    Julia (Barghini) Cobbs ('81) - In recognition of her successful and influential career in the Arts, as host of the My Talk radio show, Lori & Julia

    Emily Larson ('91) - In Recognition for her Public Service to the City of Duluth as City Council President and now as Mayor of the City of Duluth

    Johnny Allen Jr ('97) - In Recognition for his Humanitarian efforts as founder and leader of JK Movement, a mentorship organization which provides academic tutoring and life mentoring support to student athletes in middle and high school in the Twin Cities

     Here is a video of the event: Hall of Fame Presentation

    2017 Inductees

    S Greenberg


  • Do you know someone who graduated from Highland Park who has made a significant contribution in a particular field?  Nominate them for the Alumni Hall of Fame!

    This award recognizes alumni who have graduated more than 10 years ago and have attained distinction in their field.  We are currently collecting nominations for our next induction, however the date will be determined at a later time.
    If you wish to nominate someone, contact Melissa Hedwall (melissa.hedwall@spps.org).  Please include the person's name and contact information, as well as a list of accomplishments driving their nomination.  Thank you!

    Categories are:
    Arts:  An individual who has made a solid impact in the area of Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Literature, Dance, or other area of artistic talent.

    Business: An individual who has made a strong impact on, or has had much success in the business arena.

    Professional:  Doctor, lawyer, teacher, or other professional who has shown high achievement or contribution in his or her field.

    Humanitarian:  An individual who has made a significant contribution to the improvement of the human condition.

    Public Service:  An individual who has made a positive impact in the area of government or other public service.

Hall of Fame
  • Past Recipients include:
    2013:  Dave Fantle  ('78)                                 Professional Achievement
               Thomas Johnson ('78)                           Professional Achievement
               Abbey Hughes  ('99)                             Service to Community

    2012:   Stephanie Rozman ('68)                          Business & Service
                 Yia Vang ('88)                                       Professional & Service
    2011:    Mark Moeller ('69)                                  Business
                 Artika Tyner  ('98)                                  Law and Public Service
                 Mike Larsen/Averill ('99)                         Artistic Achievement
    2010:    John Guthmann ('72)                               Law & Public Service
                 Robert Wokasch ('77)                             Public Service

    2009:    Melissa Struve '74                                   Public Service
                 Robert Kenefick ' 74                               Business

    2006:    Tom Conlon’78                                       Politics

                Michael Robins‘’66                                   Arts

    2004:   Randi Johnson’75                                    Sculpture

    1999:   Stephen England’78                                 Medicine
               Debbie Friedman’69                                 Music

    1998:   Dr. Steven Fink’70                                   Education
               Janie S. Mayeron’69                                 Law

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
  • 1997:   Debra Sue Guthmann-Ternus ’75              Education
               Gordon James Johnson’67                         Music

    1996:   Rabbi B. Elka Abrahamson’73                   Religion
               Sarah Katherine England’83                      Medicine
               James Sewell’73                                      Dance

               Chris C. Thiers’70                                    Education

    1995:   Dr. Desiree A. Carlson’68                        Medicine
                JackMorris’73                                        Athletics

    1994:   Judge Richard Gary Spicer’65                  Law
               Patricia King Wetterling’67                       Humanitarian

    1993:   Senator Richard Cohen’67                       Politics
                MarkLeonard’72                                     Music
                Dr.Brooks Sayre Edwards’74                   Medicine
               Laura Sewell Hendrickson’76                    Music

Hall of Fame