Top Five Reasons Why To Go Into Computer Science

    1. In 2007, Computer Science and Computer Engineering jobs ranked in the top five for average starting salary offers among college graduates, with offers ranging from $53,051 - $55,920.
    2. Salaries in Computer Science and Engineering related fields increased between 4.5-5.3% from 2006-2007 and from 1990-2007 offers to CS majors rose 15 percent.
    3. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the IT workforce to grow at more than twice the rate of the overall workforce from 2006-2016.
    4. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that of the top six fastest growing occupations, three are computer science-related jobs, such as computer software engineers, systems analysts, and network systems and data communication analysts.
    5. Computer Science grads work in a variety of different areas, such as healthcare, Internet development, homeland and military security, space exploration, transportation, robotics, virtual reality, gaming, and more!

    * Sources include: CRA Bulletin – “Starting Salary Offers to CS Majors 1990-2007,” from the NACE Salary Survey and The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monthly Labor Review, “Occupational Outlook 2006-2016,” Nov. 2007,