How do I join NHS?

  • Highland Park's Requirements for becoming a member of NHS are as follows:

    1. Students apply in their sophomore or junior year, when sent an invitation based on their cumulative GPA at end of 1st semester
    2. Academic achievement, cumulative GPA of at least a 3.75
    3. A resume that demonstrates characteristics of leadership, scholarship, andservice in school and in your community. The resume should includeachievements primarily from the previous two years (freshman andsophomore years).
    4. An essay about a service project that you have participated in or aservice project that you would like to pursue through NHS.
    5. Three teacher/advisor/coach/volunteer coordinator recommendations,one from each of the following areas: academic, community service, andextra-curricular activities.

    Application are submitted in the Spring.

    Contact faculty advisors if you have any questions.