The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (Grades 11 & 12)

  • Presentation to 10th graders and parents


    The IB exam results will be posted online as of July 7.  Students have all received their access codes.  Transcripts to college will be sent as of July 10, if a college was designated on the transcript request forms.  If a student has lost their access codes they should email, and will receive a response within a week.  The letter sent to all graduating IB seniors is attached below, containing tips on how to help get scores processed at university.


    Full IB Diploma Path—High School Progression Diploma candidates are required to select one subject from each of the six subject groups. At least three and not more than four are taken athigher level (HL), the others at standard level (SL). HL courses represent 240 teaching hours, SL courses cover 150 hours. By arranging work in this fashion, students are able to explore some subjects indepth and some more broadly over the two-year period of their junior and senior years.In addition to the six testing subjects, diploma students take arequired interdisciplinary course called Theory of Knowledge (TOK) intheir senior year. The Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) requirement takes seriously the importance of life outside the world ofscholarship, engaging students in a minimum of 150 hours of extracurricular activities. Finally, diploma candidates are required to undertake independent and original research and write an extended essayof some 4,000 words during 11th and 12th grades.  

    Medallion Scholar Students will be recongized as Medallion Scholars at graduation if they take 3 or more IB exams.

    Continued Progress in IB It is important for students taking IB classes to successfully master the content of course materials as future classes will be based on that knowledge. Studentsare encouraged to work with their teachers if they need additional help in understanding class content and/or assignments. Students who receive Ns in two quarters of a course cannot take the IB course in that subject area the following year.

    Sophomores meet individually with their counselor to plan out their courses in the IB Diploma program, during the registration season.

    APPROXIMATE DEADLINES FOR IB PROGRAM JUNIORS AND SENIORS   Subject to change. Use only as a general guideline

    ONGOING:  end of sophomore year through March of senior year: work on CAS, and meet with your CAS advisor


    -Summer Readings



    IB exam registration , Declare tentative IB Status: Diploma, or Course, Take PSAT


    World Lit paper due


    Start Junior ToK, Finalize senior schedule


    IB Internal Assessments, done in classes, IB language oral exams, IB English interactive orals (sometime during second semester)

    Anticipated Diploma Candidates Select Extended Essay category and Advisor


    Written IB exams


    Check IB results online


    Complete draft of Extended Essay, touch base with EE supervisor, Continue with CAS activities that have been ongoing throughout school year

    Summer readings


    Continue with CAS activities


    BWCA Canoeing and Thinking trip for Diploma and Honors students, Interview with counselor for college application (through November),

    Request letter of recommendation for college from teachers


    First draft of Extended Essay due October 31, Register for IB exams, Finalize IB Category (Diploma?)


    Final of Extended Essay due, Many College applications due


    TOK Presentations and Essays due


    English Oral Commentaries, Many deadlines for IB Internal Assessments in all subjects (continuing through April)


    IB Language Orals

    Continuation of Internal Assessment Deadlines, IB Art and Dance Exams


    IB DIPLOMA CELEBRATION!, CAS portfolio due


    Written IB Exams, Order IB transcripts sent to college


    GRADUATION!   (IB Diploma and Honors candidates wear a medallion; IB, status is noted in Graduation Program.)


    Check IB results online, If applicable, request IB exam re-grade or inquire about exam retake


    Receive IB Diploma or Certificate in mail, Enjoy the benefits of an IB education while you are in college!!


Diploma Program Coordinator

  • Charlotte Landreau
    Program Coordinator
    Phone: 651.744-3887
    Office: #1213

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