Colleges That Accept International Baccalaureate Credits

  • Each college or university is likely to have its own specific policy about how they evaluate IB test scores for credit. Briefly, mostschools will award college credit for scores of 4 or higher, although some request that scores be a 6 or higher. If you want to know more about a specific schools policy on accepting IB scores, look on the school's admissions web page.

    For a complete listing of Minnesota College recognition policies, click here

    Most colleges accept IB exams for credit, and all recognize it in admissions.  Here is a sampling of just a few other colleges that accept IB credit:

    Drake University
    Drake University recognizes the rigor and validity of the IB DiplomaProgram and will award up to one year of advanced-standing credit for successful completion of the program. All courses are evaluated on an individual basis by an assistant or associate dean who will alsodetermine how the courses may meet Drake degree requirements. Ingeneral, students who achieve a score of 4 or higher in courses takenat the higher level will receive two semesters of credit within thatdiscipline toward their degrees. There are some exceptions to theseguidelines.

    University of Chicago
    University of Chicago does award credit for IB work, recognizing thatgood scores on the higher level examinations signal college-levelproficiency. Students may receive up to a year's worth of credit in agiven subject for scores of 6 or 7 on the higher level exams. Scores of5 on the higher level exams are subject to faculty review. Students whohave not earned the Diploma but who present good scores may alsopetition for credit. In addition the University offers a comprehensive array of its own placement examinations, which any new student isentitled to sit for in the fall.

    Wesleyan University
    Wesleyan University recognizes the IB and uses the results foradmissions purposes as well as for university credit. Most departments award one or two course credits for a 5, 6, or 7 on the higher levelexam, though usually a student must continue in that subject at Wesleyan in order to receive the credit. A few departments award 0.7credit for a high score on the standard level exam. A maximum of two credits can be applied toward graduation requirements. For a complete list of departmental IB credit policies, please contact the Office ofAdmission.

    University of Wisconsin – Madison
    Listed below are IB exams for which credit policies have been established. Exams in subject areas for which credit policies have not yet been established are referred to the appropriate academic department for a recommendation. All of the following refer to scoreson Higher Level examinations only. IB exams are graded on a scale of 1to 7, with 7 being the highest. Students who receive the full IB Diploma with a minimum score of 28 are eligible for 3 additionalcredits.

    Stanford University
    Stanford University awards advanced placement credit for certain Higher Level examinations with scores of 5, 6, or 7. Credit is awarded at thediscretion of individual academic departments through the Office of the University Registrar. Stanford University does not consider or award credit for IB Standard Level examinations or course work. A maximum of45 quarter units of AP and/or IB and/or transfer credit and/or otherexternal credit combined may be applied toward the undergraduate degree. For more detailed information, please consult the Office of the University Registrar web site.

    Lawrence University
    Lawrence University recognizes the quality of the IB Diploma Program asan excellent college preparatory curriculum. The faculty will grantsophomore standing to students admitted to Lawrence with an IB Diplomawho have achieved a score of 5 or above on all examinations. Studentswho have completed individual courses in the IB Diploma Program willreceive one course credit for a grade of 5, 6 or 7 on a higher level examination. Decisions on placement or on the use of the IB courses tomeet major requirements will be made by individual academic departments.

    Grinnell College
    Grinnell College recognizes IB level work in the admissions process andwill grant credit for examination scores of 5 or better on higher levelcourses only. The granting of credit for IB work is equated to thegranting of credit for Advanced Placement. It is advisable forapplicants to check directly with the Registrar for more specificdetails.

    Loyola University - Chicago
    Credit for Higher Level exams only, with scores of 5 or higher.

    University of Pennsylvania
    The University of Pennsylvania recognizes the IB and appreciates thechallenge which completing the Diploma program represents. The facultyat Penn support the granting of advanced standing credit to studentswhose scores on higher level exams are 5 or higher. In general, the equivalent of one or two courses are issued for each acceptable examination result. Penn will also consider issuing credit forindividual Certificates when the full Diploma is not obtained. Each evaluation is done on an individual basis upon receipt of the official IB transcript. Questions may be directed to the office indicated above;a detailed and annually updated IB policy sheet is also available.

    Williams College
    At the discretion of the appropriate departments or programs, studentspresenting scores of 6 or 7 on International Baccalaureate Higher Level examinations may be placed in advanced courses not regularly open tothem and/or may receive course credit toward the major orconcentration. While credit is not awarded for Standard Level courses,advanced standing may be given if students take the appropriateplacement exams during the orientation period. Therefore, if granted,this credit may be used as a prerequisite or in partial fulfillment ofthe major or concentration requirements. IB credit, however, may not beused to reduce the normal course load of any semester, to make up a deficiency incurred at Williams, or to satisfy the Distribution Requirement. For members of the Class of 2007 or earlier, IB credit (ifin two or more subjects) may also be used for acceleration, i.e.completion of the degree in fewer than four years. Starting with theClass of 2008, this option will not be available.

    University of Puget Sound
    Because the University is constantly changing, the information herepresented is not be regarded as creating a binding contract between thestudent and the school. The University of Puget Sound will grant one unit (one unit equals 4semester credits or 6 quarter credits) of lower division credit foreach higher level examination passed with a score of 5, 6, or 7. Thedetails regarding specific course exemptions are listed below for each examination. Additionally, the University will grant one unit of lower division credit for the Theory of Knowledge, if a student has received the IB Diploma.

    McGill University
    The IB Diploma is considered a credential for admission. Grades of 5 orhigher are expected in each subject. Credit is granted for higher levelcourses. The amount of credit which can be granted varies depending upon the particular subjects examined and the faculty which the student wishes to enter. An appropriate selection of three higher levelsubjects allows for admission to the second year of a four year programin most faculties and schools. Students who do not complete the full Diploma but who achieve a grade of 5 or better in one or more higherlevel examinations receive some credit. When making the application to the University, students should arrange to have their official IBscores forwarded to the Admissions, Recruitment and Registrar's Officeby the IBNA Office.

    University of British Columbia
    The University of British Columbia welcomes applications from outstanding students from Canada and around the world. Applicants whoare pursuing the full IB Diploma Program are strongly encouraged toconsider UBC. The admission average for an IB Diploma applicant is calculated on 3Higher Level and 3 Standard Level subjects, including any pre-requisite subjects required by the program which you are applying. A minimum requirement of 24 points, including additional points for TOK and EE isrequired to be considered for admission. However, due to limited enrollment, a higher score will be required for admission to most programs.

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