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    Ms. Zoey Haines College and Career

    Hours: 8 AM-4 PM, Monday through Friday (available via email or Google Meet during distance learning)

  • Information for College Reps:


    Because Central HS will be in distance learning for the fall, we will be offering students virtual college appointments.
    St. Paul Public Schools decided to move away from using Naviance, so I will not be using RepVisits to arrange virtual visits. Instead, I have developed a calendar system that both reps and students can use to sign up for visits. In the spirit of being flexible during this unusual time, Central will be offering two college rep visit options:
    1. You can register for a virtual college rep visit here. When you sign up, please add your college name to the name field (that allows me to see which college has signed up for a visit). You’ll receive a link to a Google Meets visit, and if students sign up, you’ll be able to connect with them over Google Meet. If no students sign up, I would love to chat about how your college has adapted to COVID-19 and the admissions process in general. If possible, I would like to record these meetings for students to view if they can’t make it. 
    2. If it’s easier for your schedule, you’re welcome to send me a short pre-recorded video. I will post this for students to view (and I can post your contact information if you’d like students to reach out with additional questions).
    Please let me know if you have questions or concerns! This is a new system, so I’m very open to feedback :)
    Best of luck this recruitment season, and stay healthy!

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