Graduation Requirements - Class of 2015 and Beyond

    • English: 4 years (16 credits)
    • Social Studies: 3.5 years, including US History, Economics, US Gov't, World History, Human Geography (14 credits)
    • Science: 3 years, including one year of Biology and a second year of either chemistry or physics (12 credits)
    • Mathematics: 3 years, must complete through Algebra 2/Trigonometry (12 credits)
    • Fine Arts: 1 year (4 credits)
    • Physical Education: 1/2 year (2 credits)
    • Health: 1/2 year (2 credits)
    • FACS/Tech Ed: 1/2 year (2 credits)
    • Electives: 22 credits (any class above and beyond the minimum requirement, like a fourth year of science, counts as elective credits)
    • New transferred students to the district may need additional credits. Need to consult with your school counselor. 

            Total Credits: 86 Quarter Credits

             4 credits= one full year

             2 credits=1/2 year or one semester


    Required Minnesota Graduation Assessments: See the following link for information.

Transfer Students

  • importany Transfer students may need additional credits for graduation. Consult with your student's counselor if you have any questions.