Registration and Schedule Changes

  • We are working on the Course Request Information and Process for 2021-2022 and will post it as soon as we can!


    New students to Central High School for the 2020-2021 school year should complete the following steps:


    Have you enrolled through the Student Placement Center?

    If no, contact Student Placement Center at or 651-632-3760.

    If yes, find and contact your grade-level counselor at the Counseling Department Contact Page.

  • Schedule Changes

    The Central Senior High School Counseling Department has developed the Scheduling Policy to ensure all students have equal access to Central courses.  This policy ensures counselors and other staff to provide students with required and elective courses, along with participating in specialty programs (IB, Career Pathways, PSEO, etc.).

    The year-long master schedule is built around the courses requested last spring by students, therefore it can be difficult to change a student’s schedule once it has been created.

    Schedule changes are no longer being made for the remainder of the school year.