Chapter 2 (Living Things)

  • If you did not meet standard on a Knowledge Check or test, here is how you study:

    1. Go to the Chapter and Section.

    Click on the link below that is the same as the Chapter and Section you are studying for. Look at the Learning Goals, so you know what you are supposed to learn.

    2. Look at the images.

    If there is an image, click on it. Read the labels. If it helps you, draw the picture and label it in your notes.

    3. Reread the section.

    Use the audio to listen to someone read the text. Look for clues: red headlines answer learning goal questions, blue headlines are main ideas for the key concept, boldfaced yellow words are vocab words. Take notes.

    4. Watch the vocab.

    If there are words you don't know, watch the video.

    5. Do the online activities.

    Do whatever online activity there is, and if there is a quiz, take it.

    Chapter 2-Sec. 1: (What is Life?)

    Learning Goals  The student will be able to…
    1....define the six characteristics of all living things.
    2 ...describe where living things come from.
    3. ...describe how living things survive.

    Chapter 2-Sec. 3: (Discovering the Cell)

    Learning Goals  The student will be able to…
    1....define the parts of a cell.
    2 ...describe the difference between plant and animal cells.

    Chapter 2: Parts of a Cell Practice

    Use the links on this page to practice and improve your knowledge of cell parts.

    Chapter 2: Parts of a Cell Qualifier

    Use this for retaking the Chapter 2 test.