LNFI On-line Learning Resource

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    This selection of on-line resources is suitable for elementary-age kids and is recommended by the St. Paul Educational Technology Department.


    TV5 Animation Studio
    Worldwide Art Gallery -- See examples of art done by children from around the world, and connect to art activities and information about art and art history.

    Discovery Channel School -- Online homework help tool, clip art, and more

    Fact Monster -- Online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, and homework helper

    How Stuff Works -- Learn how everything works

    Kids Space -- Information by the Internet Public Library

    Smithsonian for Kids -- Fun online stuff for kids, like building your own light bulb

    Yahoo Kids
    -- Games, music, Ask Earl, jokes, sports, study zone, and more!

    The White House -- Learn about the history of the White House, meet the Presidents, play games, and more.

    World Almanac for Kids
    -- Colorful and fun almanac designed for kids that's packed with games, puzzles, facts, and jokes.

    Country Reports -- Learn anything about any country in the world

    Language Lab -- Verbal French words, games, songs, and printable fun.

    CNN Student News -- 10 minute broadcasts of today's news geared toward higher elementary/middle school and up.

    Kids News Room
    -- Weekly e-zine with national news for kids

    Cool Math 4 Kids -- Math games, fun math lessons, puzzles, brain benders and more!

    Terrific Triangles -- No more losing those paper triangles. Digital fact family flash card triangles - free download for MAC and Windows users.

    Astronomy for Kids -- Basic astronomy for K - 6

    Cosmos - The SAO Encyclopedia -- Unique astronomy reference written by astronomers for a general audience.

    Hubble Site -- Learn about the Hubble Space Telescope and its new discoveries, and view photographs of stars and galaxies.

    Kids Health -- Accurate and up-to-date information about growth, food & fitness, lab test, and medical conditions.

    NASA Kids -- Games, art, stories, and activities for children presented by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

    NASA Kids Club -- Learn space sciences at this site from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. With games, projects, news, this site seeks "to inform, inspire, and involve" children of all ages and reading levels.

    National Geographic for Kids -- Games, articles, videos, experiments, jokes and many other learning activities

    Science Fair Central -- All you need to know about creating a science fair project.

    Solar System -- Presented in vivid multimedia

    Sports Illustrated for Kids