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  • 2020 SCIENCE FAIR 

    March 26 (Judging) 

    March 27 (Open to Visitors)


    • Friday January 17 - Science Fair Topic Due - with Purpose and Hypothesis. Create your Science Fair question using either the “Effect Question”, the“How does………… Affect ………? or the “Which/What and Verb Question” such as: What food do meal worms prefer?
    • January 31: Background Information Students must read at least 5 resources (maximum 3 from Internet). They should write a maximum of 2 to 3 pages of what they have learned and present a bibliography of their research. The Bibliography must have The Author, the Title, The Edition and the year the article/book was published. Must also indicate pages read: See the Template provided
    • February 14:  Materials and first part of experiment
    • February 28:  Step by step Experimentations and the results
    • March 6: Data Analysis and Conclusion


    Students needing help, please call or email Mme Bissoy.  

    If you are interested in judging or have donations (3 fold boards, food for day of Fair, volunteers), Please email or call Mme Bissoy.