Curriculum by Grade Level

  • Second Grade

    Life Cycles and Living Organisms (Isects and Plants}, Habitats,
    Solids, Liquids, And Gases,
    Basic Human Body Systems, 
    Cardinal Directions (Como Planetarium), Inquiry 2

    Third Grade

    Inquiry; Interactions of Organisms; Physics of Sound; Earth
    Materials; Metric System; Chains and Webs; Solar System (Como Planetarium); Read, create and interpret graphs.

    Fourth Grade

    Inquiry; Human Body; Magnetism and Electricity; Earth Materials
    and Weather; Biodiversity and Interdependence; Constellations (Como
    Planetarium); History of Science; Evolution

    Fifth Grade

    Landforms; Inquiry and Scientific Method; History of Science and
    Invention; Balance in the Environment; The Moon (Como Planetarium);
    Simple Machines; Classifying; Variables: Controls and Predictions;
    Read, create and interpret graphs; Evolution