Dr. Mike McCollor - Principal

Dr. McCollor
  • Dr. Mike McCollor has been the principal at Washington Technology Magnet School in St. Paul, MN since 2002. While at Washington the school underwent a $17 million building renovation project making a 21st Century middle school out of a building constructed in 1924 and four years later moved into a different school building entirely. Dr. McCollor has served in the St. Paul Public Schools as a science teacher and administrator since 1985. His doctorate was awarded by the University of Minnesota in Educational Policy and Administration with a Master of Science in Experiential Education being granted by Mankato State University and a Bachelor of Science in Science Education granted by the University of Minnesota. Current projects include collaborative efforts among teachers such as interdisciplinary teams and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) using the Data Teams process and the school's focus on BioSMART: Biological Science, Math, Academic Rigor, and Technology.

    Contact Dr. McCollor at mike.mccollor@spps.org