College Possible

  • College Possible is a non-profit organization aimed at making college admission and success possible for low income students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support.


    10th Grade:

    Apply during spring! Students that apply must have at least a 2.0 GPA and have a desire to go to college

    11th Grade:

    Meet for College Possible Sessions for 2 hours twice a week after school. Intense preparation for ACT, four practice ACT tests,  and college campus visits. Learn about resume building, college options and introduction to the college application process. Allots time to apply to summer enrichment opportunities. Close mentorship and counseling from a College Possible coach.

    12th Grade:

    Meet for College Possible Sessions for 2 hours twice a week after school. Support in finding the right college fit, support with the college application process, help with filling out the FAFSA and scholarship applications, and support with the college enrollment process. Support in transitioning to college through curriculum about life skills, study habits, and time management. Close mentorship and counseling from a college possible coach. Students continue to participate in campus visits.

    College Bound:

    Help students find and connect with existing resources available on their college campuses so they can remain enrolled. Guide students with overcoming common obstacles such as financial aid, balancing homework and social obligations and assist students with transferring schools using the college curriculum. Help program alumni prepare for life after college. Coaches organize workshops and events that develop professional skills and provide assistance in locating internships.