Navy Junior ROTC

  • Navy Junior ROTC courses are designed to “instill in students the value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment”.  Students who enroll in Navy JROTC are referred to as “cadets.”  All cadets begin by enrolling in Naval Science-1    NJROTC offers extra-curricular team activities which include teams in Military Drill, Color Guard, Orienteering, Physical Training, Academics, Community Service, and Mentoring. All cadets are required to meet Navy uniform and grooming standards including haircuts, being clean shaven, and no earrings for males, while a member of the NJROTC Unit.  Each cadet is issued an NJROTC uniform and all cadets are required to wear the uniform one school day each week, every week school is in session.  Normally, Wednesdays are Uniform Days. Cadets are also required to perform physical training one day per week during class.  The following requirements must be met within ten days of the start of school for a student to remain in NJROTC.

    1. Must have full Pre-sports physical NOT completed earlier than April of the year entering the program.
    2. Must have a completed Health Risk Screening Questionnaire.
    3. Must have a completed Navy Standard Release Form.

    Cadets are under no obligation to enlist in the US Armed Forces.