Algebra 1 Accelerated

  • Welcome to 8th Grade Accelerated Algebra!

    This course is for 8th grade students who exceeded expectations in their 7th grade Pre-Algebra or Pre-Algebra Accelerated class. Algebra 1 Accelerated students complete the entire Algebra 1 book, which allows them to take Geometry in 9th grade.

    Course Description:  This course is a full-year Algebra 1 course. Topics covered include:

    1. Foundations for Algebra – variables and expressions, operations with real numbers, functions
    2. Equations – solving equations, proportion and percent
    3. Inequalities – solving simple and compound inequalities
    4. Functions – function concepts, applying functions
    5. Linear Functions – characteristics of linear functions, using a variety of forms of linear functions
    6. Systems of Equations and Inequalities – solving systems by graphing, substitution, and elimination
    7. Exponents and Polynomials
    8. Factoring Polynomials
    9. Quadratic Functions and Equations
    10. Data Analysis and Probability
    11. Exponential and Radical Functions
    12. Rational Functions and Equations

    A complete listing of the algebra standards is available at

    Technology and Internet:

    • All students will have access to Holt’s online textbook at
    • Username = algebra727
    • Password = eagles
    • Internet access may be used for research and use of Internet-based math programs.  Here are a few sites to get started: