Math Lab 7

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  • In Math Lab 7, you will be working on math skills that you have yet to show proficiency on.  We will be covering topics in all Minnesota math strands including Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry and Data and Probability.  Topics will include both 6th grade math standards and 7th grade math standards. The class is structured to allow for brief instructional and engaging practice time on a topic, pre-algebra homework time, as well as time in the computer lab to work on the program Britannica SmartMath.  Topics for Britannica SmartMath are chosen based on your level of proficiency on the Minnesota standards.  SmartMath is an interactive-game format in which you earn points based on how well you perform on the individual topics to move up levels and earn different characters.  Entry into this class is based on your performance on the 6th grade math MCA and/or the MAP test.  Any 7th grade student who has yet to show proficiency will be required to register for this course in order to gain necessary understanding of the standards.