Math Lab 9

  • Students are placed in this course based on their scores for their MCA Math and MAP Math scores. They have an opportunity at the end of the semester to be added or removed based on these scores. This course is not a remediation of Intermediate Algebra material. The skills covered will help to “fill the gaps” in the students’ knowledge and prepare them to meet district standards for this test. Our focus is on improving mathematical proficiency as well as making the students more mathematically literature by repeated exposure to word problems and strategies to improve their comprehension. Each day begins with a word problem and will transition to a lesson on a skill which the students have historically had lower scores in. Most days students will spend time in a computer lab working on these skills through a computer based personalized remediation called Catch Up Math or Smart Math depending on the teacher. These remediation tools are available for access outside of school as well should a student desire additionally opportunities for practice.