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HS Technology
  • Computer Application

    Course Description

    This course provides an introduction to the process of problem solving as it relates to program design and development using Code.org. The student will learn to use the top down approach to programming as well as learning to use the various techniques and tools which have been developed to aid in the process. The basic programming statement types (sequential, conditional, loops and iterative) will be covered as the student learns to use them in algorithms to solve problems.


    Computer Technology 1

    Course Description

    Computer Technology 1 is a half year course aimed at exposing students to the world of coding. Coding, the language of the future, is used in every piece of technology. This course is for students with no previous background, and teaches how to code in a fun and accessible way. Through a series of learning “modules”, including example code, video tutorials, quizzes, programming challenges, and applied programming exercises, this course teaches the foundations of computer science. The course, which is taught in Python, equips students with the programming fundamentals to learn any programming language. The course focuses on the problem solving and critical thinking skills required to properly code. Students will demonstrate their understanding by turning in assignments requiring them to create their own code to perform a required task.