7th Grade U.S. History Accelerated

Our History
  • 7th Grade Pre-Advanced Placement U.S. History (also know as Pre-AP U.S. History) is an accelerated core course for seventh grade students at Washington. This course examines episodes in our nation's history following a continuum from Westward Expansion in the 1800s to the end of the Cold War. Students in Pre-AP U.S. History will be evaluated with higher expectation levels in reading and writing than in the regular U.S. History classroom.

    This course examines primary and secondary sources utilizing the "Cornell Notes" note taking system with our curriculum following the Minnesota State Standards for U.S. history instruction. Working with the English-Language-Arts and Reading departments, the seventh grade Pre-AP U.S. History reinforces shared reading and writing learning strategies.
    All seventh grade U.S. history students participate in National History Day, utilizing the vast array of technology our building has to offer. Students choose a topic of interest based on an annual theme, research it, analyze it, then plan and present their findings at an annual History Day Showcase in mid-February. Their presentations may be done using an exhibit board, an electronic website, a drama, or documentary. Each year Washington students advance from our school meet, to regional competition, and on to state competition. Some have even made it to national competition at the University of Maryland!