8th Grade Global Studies Accerlerated

Geo map
  • In 8th grade Global Studies Accelerated, students will study the world and how people interact with their environments. While this class takes a regional approach to understanding the world and how people interact with their environments, students will use the concepts that they used in 7th grade American Studies.  The learned skills will help the student to further analyze information about the world and how it connects to the people that live in it.

    The units that students will study in 8th grade Global Studies Accelerated are: Geographic Skills, Globalization and it’s Economic Impact, United States and Canada, Latin America, Europe and Russia, The Arab World and the Middle East, Africa South of the Sahara, Australia and Oceania, East and Southeast Asia, and South and Central Asia.

    Students will also have an opportunity to participate in Model United Nations. This project will have students complete a research project with a specific theme and how their country handles the issue.  They BECOME that country and represent the opinions of that country at an organized meet organized by Model United Nations Organization.

    8th grade Global Studies is a required course.