A.P Human Geography

How we choose to interact with our world.
  • Advanced Placement (A.P) Human Geography is a college level class that prepares our students to take the A.P Human Geography test. If students pass this test they can earn college credit for this course. Human Geography explores the human interaction with space in terms of population, agriculture, language, culture, religion, architecture, cities, natural resources, development, industrialization and political use of space. The class is focused on developing student awareness of the challenges that face human beings and the environment over the use of space and how these challenges can be a career focus for their lives as adults. The class demands an expansive vocabulary of over 500 terms, considerable homework from the student and an extensive dedication to the class outside of the class time proper. Students are expected to read the entire textbook and several other supplementary texts. To support reading and provide an additional framework for understanding the ideas and themes of Human Geography we also read the novel “Red Mars” by Kim Stanley Robinson, which provides a setting to explore the themes of Human Geography.