• Beginning to Advanced playing techniques are stressed and a variety of music, from Popular to standard Concert Band literature, will be performed.

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Instruction for students with no previous to 3 years experience playing individually and in groups with woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments. Topics include performance, instrumental and ensemble technique, improvisation, music reading and notation, listening, analysis and description, evaluation of uses of music, and examination of the relationships between arts disciplines and music history and cultures.

    COURSE EXPECTATIONS: Students will:

    • Play and count rhythms with appropriate accuracy.
    • Play with appropriately accurate intonation.
    • Play with dynamic control and proper phrasing.
    • Play with proper articulation.
    • Develop characteristic tone for their instrument.
    • Contribute to the ensemble sound and effort.
    • Perform repertoire appropriate to the students’ developmental level.
    • Demonstrate proper rehearsal technique.
    • Understand and apply music theory and history concepts to music being studied.
    • Analyze the stylistic and cultural context of the music studied.

    INSTRUCTOR’S EXPECTATIONS: To be determined by the instructor and distributed to the students and parent/guardians at the beginning of the course (Band Handbook).

    • Expectations include:Students will participate in performances and/or rehearsals outside of the school day.
    • Students will maintain good attendance in class.
    • Students will provide the instructor with a record of their individual practice time.
    • Students will demonstrate appropriate rehearsal and performance skills.