Principles of Biomedical Science

Principals of bio medical science
  • Principles of Biomedical Sciences!

    This year long course will introduce students to the principles of Biomedical Science. In this student centered PLTW course, participants investigate human body systems and various health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, sickle-cell disease, high cholesterol, and infectious disease. Students will determine the factors that led to the death of a fictional person, and investigate lifestyle choices and medical treatments that might have prolonged the person’s life. This course provides students with engaging and rigorous curriculum that centers on contemporary medical and technological issues. This course falls within the PLTW Biomedical sequence which is recognized nationally by post secondary educational institutions as a course that is both rigorous and contemporary in its content. The course fosters the growth of students’ foundational scientific knowledge and opens doors for students in unlimited career areas which will be essential to securing future employment in today’s information age.

Principals of Biomedical science