Robots and our lives

Futuristic robots and artificial intelligence inspires films
  • By Greg Thompson

    Can there be robots in our future? The answer results in much debate because there are those who feel robots help us accomplish many things in the human race. Others believe that mechanized automation is the downfall of civilizations as theorized in movies like Terminator and more recently, Eagle Eye. Robots have been in our past (since 1956) and will mostly likely continue into our future as tasks need completing that are harder for humans to do.

    What is a Robot?

    According to Webster, a robot is "a machine that looks like a human being and performs various complex acts…of a human being" (Definition). Robots don't necessarily have to perform like a human being. If there is a repetitive task that could eventually hurt the same human doing the same thing, then a robot should replace that person.

    Also take into account any number of household appliances in your home. Technically, anything with a microprocessor can be considered a robot. Your microwave keeps track of time, temperature, and food styles; your vacuum might have a sensor that detects dirty; and your TV has functions for auto-shut off, source detection, and picture quality. Just because they don't walk and talk like a human doesn't make them a robot.

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