Reading Strategies - Read 180-9

dog reading
  • Welcome to the world of Reading!  

    In Reading Strategies - Read 180-9, you will learn to love reading while you improve your reading skills and strategies.  Students in Reading Strategies
    classes, use the Read 180 program at the High School level.  You will do three 20 minute rotations in this class.  Everyday you will be able to choose your own book to read and settle into a comfortable chair and read for 20 minutes. You will also work on your own computer reading program which is filled with interesting and exciting videos and stories at your reading level, for 20 minutes.  Finally, I will meet with you everyday for 20 minutes while we read interesting nonfiction stories, discuss the stories and learn strategies that will help us improve our reading.  Come along and join the fun.  We really do have a good time in the Reading Strategies - Read 180-9 classroom.