Music Technology

music note
  • Music Technology is a unique course that teaches standards in both music and technology. We focus on music literacy, piano proficiency and composition as well as computer use, learning enhancement systems and asynchronous communication. 

    At the end of the introductory course, students will leave the class with an MP3 of their original 2-3 minute song, the ability to read and play piano music and a firm grasp of how to succeed in an online college course.

    We currently have 29 computer/digital piano workstations and offer 3 levels of Music Technology: Middle School, Senior High and Advanced Senior High.

    To learn more about some of the tools we use in class click on one of the links to the left.

    Take a look at a video of our program from "SPPS Today". This video is a great introduction to some of the concepts we explore in the MT class even if it is about 10 years old.


  •  Momoodle odle/Elearn

     The Learning Management System (LMS) where most of our project work is done.

Garage Band

  • Guitar


    Our primary composition program. I recommend Mixcraft, it's closest analogue, for the Windows OS


  • iTunes


     Click to learn how to use our mp3 player/cd burner.

Finale Notepad

Finale Performance Assessment

  • Finale  Finale Performance Assessment

     The class uses this program to assess their piano skills. It is based on the SmartMusic program used by Choirs, Bands and Orchestras.