Cell Biology: (9th Grade)


Cell Bio Calendar

Summative Assignments!

  • If you have a Missing or a 0 on a Summative Assignment, you CANNOT pass the class. Be sure to make these up within 2 weeks of the original date.

Cell Biology Grading Policy

  • Formative Assessments:  

    (20% of the total grade)

    * Designed to help you learn the material

    * Cannot be turned in late.

    * Must be completed and put in your notebook.

    Summative Assessments:

    (80% of the total grade)

    * Designed to see how well you have mastered the standards

    * You will receive an automatic “N” for the class if you have not passed all of your summative assignments.

    * Can be made-up or redone within a two week period for a higher grade. 

    * After two weeks, the highest grade you can earn is a “1.”

    * Test retakes will be different and more challenging.  It is best to study for the first test.

    * No late assignments will be accepted during the last week of the grading period. 

    Interactive Science Notebooks 

    (part of the summative assessment grade)

    Here is what the teachers will be looking for:

    * Organization (Table of contents and/or dividers for units) 

    * All work is completed and organized in the notebook

    * Daily learning goals or questions are recorded and addressed in summaries

    * Summaries show evidence of what you LEARNED

    * Evidence of at least one study format (highlighting/Qs/flashcards/notecards)

Latin and Greek Quiz every week.