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Ecology Exam Essay Question

  • This is the essay question that will be on the exam Wednesday.  You have 2 full days to use your notes, the Internet, the book, and other resources to practice writing an answer for the exam.  You may not use your notes on the exam; however, practicing ahead of time will help you prepare. 

    a) Choose & name one ecosystem. (1 pt)

    b) Give 1 positive and 1 negative way in which humans affect the food web of your chosen ecosystem. (2pts)

    c) Describe how human actions can affect the carrying capacity of plants and animals in that ecosystem.  Be specific and give details in your answer.  Make sure you show an understanding of the vocabulary.  Drawings and graphs may be used to support your answer. (7 pts)


Biology Grading Policy

  • Summative Assessments (80% of your final grade)

    • All summative assessments MUST earn a passing grade to earn credit for this class.
    • Can be made up/redone within two weeks
    • Can earn up to a 1 if redone after the two week deadline

    Formative Assessments (20% of your final grade)

    • Cannot be made up or turned in late
    • Must be completed and included in notebook

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