gel electrophoresis
  • Welcome to Genomics !  In this senior-level class you will be learning about  DNA, genes & regulation, proteins, tools that biotechnologists use, and the ethical issues surrounding this ever-changing field.  Not only will you learn about the topics, but you will also be doing experiments where you will use the tools to cut DNA, copy DNA, seperate DNA, and purify proteins.  Be prepared to come to class daily ready to learn, ask questions, work with groups and learn new & exciting information that you will be able to apply to your life today.


Contact Information


    office 2270

Important Grading Information

  • Formative Assessments = 20% of total grade

    Summative Assessments = 80% of total grade (can be redone within 2 weeks of original due date) If you are missing or have a 0 for a Summative Assessment you WILL NOT pass the class!  These must be redone for credit in order to pass!

Important Dates