Welcome to Minnesota Studies!

greetings from minnesota
  • Things that will be covered in Minnesota Studies go back as far as 15, 000 years ago to what is happening in Minnesota right now.  One big project that we will be working on is History Day with a Minnesota slant.  This will be a huge project!

    Quarter 1-MN Geography, The Dakota and Anishinaabe

    Quarter 2-Mississippi River Expansion and Settlements, Treaties & Statehood, U.S.-Dakota War, MN and the Civil War, & starting History Day

    Quarter 3-History Day, Iron, Lumber & Milling,  Times of Change

    Quarter 4-The Great Depression & New Deal, World War II and MN, Post Cold War and MN

    MN Studies 6th Grade Survey----http://goo.gl/GfY3qK