Education for Life

  • "The child can only develop by means of experience in his environment. We call such experiences work." - Maria Montessori PRACTICAL LIFE exercises engage students in purposeful real world activities. Students develop concentration, coordination, and independence. They develop a sense of order while completing a cycle of activity. Practical life activities lay the groundwork for all later physical, mental, and academic work.






    Food preparation and serving, such as this apple cutting activity, are popular "practical life" work choices. Children in Montessori classrooms experience a POSITVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. They work and play independently and cooperatively. They learn the most valuable kind of socialization-helping each other.






    PARENTS ARE PARTNERS in education at Crossroads Montessori School. Parent and family involvement are valued. Family involovement opportunities include PTA, Action Team, and frequent schoolwide family activities. 


    Making discoveries with friends encourages cooperation and teamwork. FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS
    "I think one of the best things my parents did was enroll me in a Montessori elementary school in St. Paul. That early training laid the foundation for a lot of my current study habits and interests such as math and science. The teachers allowed me to work with subjects at my own pace and so I think I picked up on things like math a lot easier than most kids."

    -A former student who was one of 43 students nationally to receive the highest
    composite score possible on the ACT college entrance exam.


    Working together makes learning fun. The SCHOOL WIDE ENRICHMENT MODEL (SEM) COMPLEMENTS the Montessori method. Challenging and enjoyable high-end learning activities are available to the full range of students.





    A parent volunteer helping a student with his reading. MUSIC, ART, CREATIVE MOVEMENT, SPANISH AND DRAMA round out the curriculum providing all students with the opportunity to explore a wide variety of artistic expression. Band and orchestra begin in the 4th grade.