Dealing with Bullies

  • It can be hard to confront a bully, because they can make you feel like you have no power. Here are some ideas:

    • You can't control a bully, but you can control how you react to the bully.
    • You don't have to respond in the kind to a bully. Be better than that!
    • Remain calm and sure of yourself - it makes the bullies job much harder.
    • If you are a witness to bullying - step in, don't spread rumors and gossip, don't participate in the teasing. Bullies are successful because witnesses let them get away with it.
    • Walk away and stick with others.
    • Ignore it. It's hard to do and only works if you do itEVERY time. Bullies will pick on those that give a reaction -it's no fun to pick on someone who doesn't.
    • Stand up for yourself. Let the bully know that you will notbe pushed around anymore. Talk about this with a trusted adultbefore you do this. You can get help deciding what to say,practice it and think about how you will respond. Once you doconfront the bully, ignore any future attempts to bully you.
    • Report the bullying. Every one has the right to go to school in a safe place.